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Hello again.


I am fairly new to the area and have been looking for a 30x12x24 tank for seahorses. I have asked 5 shops for quotes on a system, only one responded and the quote was kinda on the high side IMO ($348 before the overflow hole, they didn't do boxes).


Any ideas on where to get a tank this size, or have it made? Where I moved from they are common in LFS's not a "custom" item.


Tanks for any help. I really appreciate it. I don't know of any other options up here. Thought about glasscages.com but worried after all the bad reviews.

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I wouldn't mind sacraficing the 2" so much to make it a 34g (I know they call it a 37g) if it knocks off the price significantly, but the AGA tanks don't come with overflows right. I could do the overflow box but I would prefer built in that drains out the back.


I would prefer glass, but acrylic is fine too.


Thanks for the tips. I appreciate it.

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