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It was nice knowin' you folks

B Foxy

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Hey everyone..


sad announcement...


I just wanted to thank everyone on the boards for being so friendly to me and all of my customers for being supportive during my reintroduction to working as a fish guy...but my time has been cut short.


I was let go of my position last night, it was very sudden and for me very sad. I couldnt have asked for a better job or a better boss, but I guess it was just no longer meant to be... I was let go due to financal reasons to end any future rumors.


I have no hard feelings towards Coral Reef Pet Center or Jason, IMO CRPC is still the finest shop I have ever seen...And jason is still the coolest guy I know.


I am not sure if I am going to continue the hobby, and I dont know if I'll stick around on the boards... With the christmas season coming up and a young son to take care of, I think I'll spend all of my time looking for work, so if anyone of you have any work for an out of work LFS guy, let me know..I aint proud.


Foxy signing out.

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