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Saltwater Pool and House for Sale; Seller:Ted Nuggent


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OK, the radio guy was talking about Ted Nuggent's $625,000 home that is for sale and has a saltwater pool? I've seen the pics, the house is awesome, and I'm not a ranch home fan, but the pool? Either the announcer was smokin crack, or ? Why would one do saltwater unless you really wanted to "swim with the fishes" :eek:(enforcer)....watch out honey, I'm getting ideas again (plotting) (drooler) Would make one heck of a cold water tank here, just need to talk the farmer behind us into selling more land; only have room for a saltwater hottub. :)

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saltwater is used in super concentration to aid handicapped people who lack the strength to swim in regular water......gives great buoyancy.....kinda like how some people swim in either the dead sea or red sea....cant remember which tho.


i think its the dead sea.. IIRC the red sea gets its name from actually being that color. something to do with what the river bed is made of or something. some specials ive seen on it, make me believe, no one would ever wanna swim in that nastly looking water. (scary) (scary) (laugh)

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