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Thank you Andy


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I just wanted to thank Andy for the Photography discussion. It was very in depth and explained a lot about the cameras that we used for photography in the hobby. Thank you for taking the time to make such a professional presentation. In the future we are looking into getting a PA system so we don't have to yell at the meetings. Fish stores in general are not the quietest places to do a discussion with all the pumps, water flowing, etc. You did a great job and we are lucky to have you.


Thanks again,



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Thanks guys, it was a lot of fun. Sorry some of the example images didn't come out too well on the projector. I've placed a PDF version of the slides on my site, and the before/after differences are more obvious there -- though the noise examples are still pretty tough to see, the PDF image compression muddies up the images. The file is right here.

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Well, I shouldn't have waited a week to find the flyer in my pants pockets, there is a waiting list now. Put yourself on it and/or keep checking back for more free classes. Nikon Beginning Digital SLR Photography, Tuesday, Jan 16th 6-8pm. Cost: FREE



I just got an e-mail about a second free class being offered Feb. 8th due to the popularity. Better sign up quick if wanting in for sure.


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