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currently a 29g with a 40g sump, its the center piece up top and i have had it a few years now, going on four i think. I will be upgrading to a 60 cube coming up for it but i have yet to start that project. Its under a single 250w halide about 4 inches from it. Lives with a little goby and it's clown...

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That is a big part of where i got the idea, i have followed threads on rc and such about your tanks, since your the only local that really keeps any of the harder anemones that i know about. And i like how it looked in pics I've seen. You should post some pics up if you don't mind.

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thanks guys, i really appreciate it. these arent necessarily very new, but theyre the most recent i have of my little two year old...






heres a much older picture of them




and an even older one still of my most favorite magnifica, a white based one, that didnt handle a move too well....



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