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timers (grrrrrrr)

Mr S

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Man I have not found one that lasts over a year. Every so often I wake up in the morning and my tank lights are still on. They always turn on, it's the shutting down that causes problems.


I'd be interested in a cheap anwser too.


RIght now I'm leaning toward a reef kepper.

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I got a power strip with a timer on it that turns on and off 3 of the 6 plug ins about 5 years ago at HD or Lowes cant remember what one but it has been really great, every once and a while if the humidity gets really high in the stand it dosnt turn off but that has only happened a couple times in the time I've been using it. I do however like having my stand ventalated in the back with a fan. oh and the powerstrip / timer was only like $12. I also use the $5 timmers with the little green and red pins ya move to the times ya want it to turn on and off with pritty good sucsess.

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