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Welcome as a new sponsor! My mother in law and I were just talking about your store yesterday! She lives in Renton, and 2 weeks ago we went up and set up a 14g biocube, and she's already bought a 45g she wants help with!


Your store is the first on our list to visit next trip. (clap) She said she went in last week and LOVED it, but was in a hurry so didn't get to spend enough time. I'm stoked to check it out. The two stores we found at the time were combo pet stores, so it will be nice to find her a fish only store. :D


I'm sure I'm jumping the gun, but will you offer PNWMAS discounts? (naughty) (whistle)


Either way we'll be in to check out the shop next time I'm up, in a couple weeks! (rock2)

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Hi All!


Nice to see some familiar faces from the other Forum we sponsor:) We are extremely excited to be here. Yes we will offer the PNWMAS the same 10% discount we offer our Puget Sound Aquarium Society friends. This discount applies to almost all items we carry in our store but does not apply to our website. If you get the chance to visit our store in person you will find that some of the high end equipment we sell is priced the same as you will find online. There is just not enough room to take another 10% off;)


A little about us-

We are located at 1717 44th Street Behind Suite A in Renton, WA 98056. We are right off the 44th Street Exit on 405. From Northbound 405 take a right off Exit 7. McDonalds is immediately on your right. Turn in there. Near the MCD's drive through is Impressions Dentistry. Their backdoor is our entrance. About a 3 hour drive from Portland! And yes, we have free styros, oxygen, and heat packs to get all your livestock home safely. Our store is roughly 700 sq/ft and most of it is dedicated to livestock. Hours and contact can be found on our website. Our sales have become quite the hit both locally and always draw folks from Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, B.C. amongst other places.


Our website is operational but is still in the process of having all of our products added. We are anxiously awaiting a complete navigation and appearance overhaul. What we have seen in the mockups has us really excited. You can visit the site at www.barrierreefaquariums.com. Please keep in mind that the website pricing and availability will differ from what you find in our physical retail location.


Can't wait to get to know you all!


Cy Forell


Barrier Reef Aquariums


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What coral is that on the last set of pics that are purple? I think it's the fourth picture from the topxxs


That is a Goniopora sp. from Australia. It has been really hard to get. We've only been able to get our hands on one huge colony which we fragged. The photo is a portion of the piece we kept for our display tank. My favorite Goniopora to date. Hope we find some more:D

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