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Help me decide how to stock my new reef tank


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I have been considering many different options on how to stock my new tank. I have thought about doing all seahorses and pipefish, and the one I am really considering is an all aggressive fish reef tank, with triggers, anglers, eels, and maybe a rhinopias or two. Or there is always the old stand by. My tank is an Oceanic Tech Series 120 it will have a ton of flow and I have a large skimmer, so what would you folks do???

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Tough question. Personally, I think a 120 is too big a tank for anglers... they'd just get lost in all that space. Seahorses, too. Though a big planted tank, nicely terraced would be sweet. It'd probably be a maintenance nightmare though.


I'd maybe go with a small group of Heniochus, a group of anthias and maybe one or two showcase species like a Picasso Trigger or Emperor Angel. No big predators like eels, I'm pretty sure I'd get tired of feeding it.


Sounds like a fun project. Sometimes I think the fish-only guys are the really smart ones :D

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Good thread. I am also in the process of starting a FOWLR tank and am thinking about what fish to get. I thought about getting a lionfish because they are so cool but they are also so big. Also thinking about a purple tang.

I would like an eel but hear they are kind of a pain and they can get out.


The tank is a 150 gallon glass and will have lots of live rock.


Any thoughts?

We are definitely going to get a Picasso Trigger.

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