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Blood/Fire Shrimp development


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Hey guys,


Just wanted to tell someone that I saw an amazing (to me anyway) thing in my tank this morning.

My purple firefish was in its cave getting a cleaning from my shrimp! They've been in the tank for a few weeks now and I figured it wasn't gonna happen. I've read that this type of shrimp doesn't have very strong cleaning instincts and figured my firefish was way too small. I actually thought the firefish had died and was being eaten. :eek:


I wonder if my other fish, a false clown, will ever submit to a cleaning.


Anyway, thanks for listening. This hobby is great!

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Those cleaner shrimps are very cool. Had a couple, they were very entertaining, but kept stealing food from all the corals and anemonies...he would actually rip them out of their stomachs. They didn't do much cleaning for me. They kept jacking the food even after they had their share.


I would love to have a fire shrimp, but if they are anything like the scarlet cleaners...I'll have to pass.

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