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125 reef system for sale


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Needing to sale my system.

125 aga tank with dual corner overflow 125.00 sold

100+lbs of fiji rock 3.50 a pound or 2.50lb if you take all

125 lbs live sand 75.00 for all

blue tip toldstool 6 in dia 50.00

1 sixline wrasse 15.00

1 blue green chormis 5.00

1 sand starfish 15.00

1 #5 koralia powerhead 65.00

1 #4 koralia powerhead 20.00

2 heaters 400w Hydro Theo and 200w Hydro Theo these are only four months old 20 for the 400 and 15 for 200 sold

2 lumenarc III minis 65.00ea sold

1 icecap electric ballest 60.00 each sold

2 250 15000k xm single ended metal hailids bulbs with the purchase of the minis

custom built stand and canopy 150.00 sold

sequence pump dart 125.00 sold

Hate to see it go but just had to spend 6000 on new roof and need finances for additional repairs.


thanks for looking Kat

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Still interested in the two 250's MH, the 2 Ice caps, the heaters, and the Bartlett's if you decide to part out.


Possibly the sequence depeding on model.


How tall is the canopy? Does the front lift up, or is there no door? Solid wood or particle board? I might want that to if your willing to break up the tank/stand/canopy combo.

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I'll stop bugging you but please PM me when you decide to part out.


I can wait until the lgiht/heat needing livestock is gone before I bring over this wad of cash to pick up the stuff I want. :D If something else comes up before we have a deal, I'm going to jump on that.


Good Luck.

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