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Travis and eric still have some on the back side of the big display on the return nozzles....bring a razorblade and travis will make you a great deal on some new stuff. Make sure you don't rubber band it to rubble,most of the time its to tight and seems to kill it off. I've placed a rock on top of the stalk and had better success.

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Gold xenias are the easiest. I say only Ro water for them or they die. Silver is good too but takes a bit longer to grow. Pom poms are hard to grow. I have some but They never frag right and they just dont ever to get bigger. Its the only xenia i dont have to flush in the toilet once a month. I only do a water change once a month. I do give the iodide, and I have ph of 8.0. Salt is at 1.024. also I have no nitrates nitrites or ammonia. If I did they wouldnt live. I also give the tank trace elements.


If you want to get some eric at liquid has alot still and every thing is now fifty percent off. Hurry cause eric might have a buyer on his store from what I have heard

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