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My frogspawn


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He looks so happy in your tank! (clap)


I'm sure we could get you a frag of the frog if you want, Ryan. We have two huge colonies of it.

I'd love a frag of that Kit Kat Bar too if at all possible. My wife loves the Hammer coral we've got started. She was amazed at how it "poofed out" so quickly after aclimating.... and at first, I didn't think she'd be impressed by corals one bit; she's turning around quickly and I see her watching the small little mushroom/ric frags all the time....it's like a kid trying to peek into the cookie jar.(clap)

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Sure! Are you going to be at the meeting on Sunday? I think we're bringing a frag of it for Ryan' date=' too.[/quote']

I'll definately be there on Sunday. Thanks. Can't wait to have something to look at other than a stack of rock..though I do kind of like the look of red fuzzy algae where it's growing :)

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