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Free wood to make Tank Greenhouse or 2


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I must clear my garage for our X-Mas Santa Toy & Food Drive we do for KGW, Oregon Food Bank and our neighbors and folks of Damascus..or anyone who comes for that matter. I got this new wood for building a stand, but would be perfect to make something like Ringwurm did for a greenhouse to keep heat in and evaporation down in his garage tanks.

Some frags in exchange would not be turned down, but are not required.

Here's a pic from his thread. (hope you don't mind Ringwurm)




Here is the wood I have available pictured below...it is new and mostly primed. It is pretty strong stuff that wouldn't sag. 3- 1x4's that are 20 feet long. 2- 1/2 x 4's, 20 feet long. 2- 2x2's 20 feet long. 3 4x6 pressure treated posts 10 feet long. The unprimed stuff is decorative molding. Let me know if you're interested.



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Anyone? Free is a very good price. We can chop saw the pieces down so you don't have to haul 20' pieces. It doesn't have to be used for a green/tank house, I just need to get the wife off my back and make room for Mr. and Mrs. Santa :) I live less than 1/2 hour from tomorrow's meeting, 5 miles off I-205 around Clackamas. (by Shawn a.k.a. Izzpop if you know where he lives) Not far off your way if you're coming tomorrow from the south.

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Tentatively Gone.

Is there a way a person can just remove their postings under classifieds when gone so as to not clutter the listings? Sort of like Craigslist without using a moderator...(scratch)

I got rid off my rock and a tank from previous postings, but didn't bother to update they were sold.

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