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Will Jimmie Johnson's luck hold out for 12th or better?


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I believe Jimmie will win the Cup Title this year a 12th place finish is all he needs.....but remember that that 12th is if Kenseth wins the race and leads the most laps.


So Jimmie, I think needs finish 16th/17th. Kenseth will be strong but Roush Racing is struggling right now. I can't see Kenseth just being the most dominate car out there. Harvick and Stewart both have really good records and histories at Homestead.

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I thought I heard the commentary that all he had to do was come home 12th or better, but I could be wrong. He better qualify well and keep up front as to stay away from the wreckers. I was hopin for Hamlin...love the rookies that can kick butt (as long as they're over the age of 20).

Biffle on the other hand, well, not going to say much...don't want family to hear my comments and get into trouble again. All I'll say is that from those that knew him well when he raced here in PDX, he's not the same guy he used to be. I never knew him personally, just the people he raced against.

Maybe money and fame can have that effect on people....I wouldn't know, I just have the famous name without the $ :)

Hopefully Kasey Kahne will improve even more next year! Go N/W drivers..there are many out there, but NASCAR and those involved are biased due to their main location being farther east....focus isn't on the N/W, which is too bad. I've seen some great racers in OR and WA who deserve a chance for the big league; they just don't get noticed because the exposure isn't there, nor the $.

Biffle got extremely lucky because of a guy watching a race at Portland Speedway; he liked the way Gregg raced and got Mr. Roush on the phone. Jack wasn't interested, but the guy kept pushing the subject and Jack conceded and gave him a test ride. He never even won a race in the northwest division that they plucked him from...now that's damned lucky!

I know for a fact, much of racing is about who has the big $ to get noticed and it's a pity. The air time many drivers get, well that's the $ in action as well.

OK, I said more than I was, but hopefully family won't notice....nobody else is into fish so I'm fairly safe :)

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I read what I typed off of FoxSports NASCAR page. Heard Biffle was spotted by Benny Parsons, might be wrong. I would love to see NASCAR put the $2 million they want to use on a track in Wash. and put that into updates on PIR- adding another roadrace to the schedule. The Portland/Vancouver would have to really set-up and get some hotels and things in the works to handle all the TV and radio people along with the teams and racers.


I can dream can't I!!


Yeah I kmoe NASCAR wants to go to New York City for their next "NEW" track, but I think they need to come out to the Pacific Northwest. Think about how many of the new drivers have left coast ties. The NW is where the future is since they are already in CA. and AZ.

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Watching the Busch race and Harvick and Kenseth have found some speed............might make Jimmies job alittle harder.

Don't say who won just yet, I'm about 45 mintues behind using DVR...

Can you imagine if Harvick was in good enough shape and dumb enough to race the trucks full time too:)

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