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Thanks Puntific!!

Queen Angel

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Just got back from Puntific place.


Wow... beautiful tank.. what an awesome devil's hand!


I got some aqua palys from him.. hoping the angels leave them alone. Will have to watch closely.


I dont know alot about the lps or sps, so it was cool when he took the time and told me about them. I was ooing and awing over alot of stuff he has.


Thanks Puntific, hope my measley five dollars help towards your lights.



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LOL.. thats not funny!! I thought they were doing fine til I moved them and the angels found them and they all disappeared before I could save them. I was ready to buy the bigger rock you have of them til this happened. Im so glad they leave torches, frogspawn and hammers alone, at least I can have those. I find it odd that they live star polyps alone too.



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I gotta give Scott some mad props, I have a very hard time getting anywhere due to a lost DL, and live out in the middle of nowhere, so all of my stuff is at a friend's house, thanks Steve(Saltfinsax). Scott picked up my big sump I had for sale and as part of the deal gave me a frag thats a helluva lot nicer than anything I could of expected, thanks man, you rock and I can't wait to get it in the tank.

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