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WTT/WTS lordhowensis and scroll coral for...


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I got a frag of an acan lordhowensis with about 12-15 polyps and a purple scroll coral about 7in. across that I would like to get rid of. Looking to trade for some SPS, LPS, ricordia, yuma, cool zoos, fish, and/or equipment. I'll sell the lordy for $6/polyp and $30 for the scroll. I'll try take pictures tomarrow(lights off now), but I've got an Organic midterm tomarrow and biochem midterm on Friday. Let me know what you got. I MIGHT go to the meeting on Sunday, but that's not for certain yet. LMK.

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Here we go. The scroll actually looks better than that. It used to be in the corner until i took it out for the picture. Not to mention the rainfordi always filtering sand over the scroll.


The first lord is the mother colony and the second is the actual frag.


I've treated for red bugs and acro eating flat worms. Then I put all of my corals through the coral dip just in case. So everyone is pretty much parasite free and I feel confidant about trading.

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Hey! It's Bill

Haven't talked to you in a while. Heard that you recieved a great internship or sumtin' like that :)

I take what ever is left... You haven't seen my tank since the calcium reactor and 20K bulbs (thanks Gopens!). Give me a call or I will call you later.. (your out of state cell # still valid?)


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I bought it from a person on RC. I think for the price... wasn't a very good deal... not to mention that I had to completly re-plumb it to make it stop leaking... Flooded the floor twice... lol I even tested in a tub before setting it up under the tank..

Works great now...

Answered your PM,

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