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Reef Keeper users-???


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I had this originally posted in the wrong category;


Anyone using the Reef Keeper to control their Ca Reactors?

Curious what levels you have your high set for, and what your Hysteresis is.


If you use Reef Keepers that will mean something-(laugh)


I have mine set at 6.65 w/ the Hys. at .05 so it is coming on at 6.70 and off at 6.6-

I thought I read it would come on at the high point (if tyou chose high vs low) and of at .05 below the high-not at .06 above the high for on.


20 hours later all seem well- I 'll run H2O tests later to see what has changed in a day.


Just curious if anyone using this brand- I think Markdadof2 does and Mytshall does I know.



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Yes I have signed up there-it was more a "what do you have yours set at" type of Q.

I will say I was EXTREMELY disappointed when I disconnected the head unit to move it outside the cabinet-and all the set points I had got erased.


Is that what I can expect in a power outage-to lose all my saved set points-timers etc?


Any info on that?



Thanks Shane

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I myself have not experienced a power outage yet. When I get home tonight I will flip the power to my outlets and see what happens. Now you have me curious.




Thanks Shane-I'm curious to see if anything gets erased. At the DA forum site I read that the memory wont get erased in the event of a power loss, it had to be because the head unit got disconnected???


Better have been that-I'm sort of having buyers remorse with this unit-wishing I bucked up for the additional monies and went APEX-DOH!

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