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need to make some room for my corals, I have had some nice growth in the

last couple months and I have to choose a few to make room for growth.

Discount for members and multiple buys



acan echinata Orange crush ??? I think. About 3/4 inch 1 eye . I have had this about 9 months but I don't seem to get any growth on it. Great color.




Montipora verrucosa (light green) whitish/pink polyps.3/4inch off of that colony




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This is a really nice milli. If you put it under high light it will get almost black with white polyps. I had to put it lower in my tank after about 6 months and it is a nice lighter purple . I haven't seen a milli this color before. The only reason I am going to frag this is, the coral is growing the wrong way over top of another coral. I will frag it 2 ways . I can take one frag about 1 1/2 inches with 3 branches for $30

or split it one single branch for $10 and one with 2 branches for $20





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Chilli Pepper Monti about 3/4 inch and bigger $17




Armaggedon Zoo's 3 polyps $12



Acro purple / green polyps 1 1/4 inch on golf tee .( got this from Ryan but ended up getting another just like it on trade so I have 2) $10




still have one polyp of True PPE paly



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