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water sensor with AC outlet


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I have one too many flood in the house due to overflow box being backed up by one thing or another (myself included as one of the things :O) Since my sump is connected to my house drain, the only way water can spill out of my system is through my return pump and out of my tank. After searching high and low, I found a water sensor that will turn off an AC outlet. Mainly my pump. But they also have other sensors too. So I thought I share this with you.




They also have a low water sensor to shut off your pump, but not sure how well it will work in a saltwater sump.


And yes, I do have the water sensor from Home Depot, but what good is an alarm whem I'm at work and no one is home to turn off the pump. :p So now I feel a little better.



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yes and no.. my plumbing is 2" pipe so a solenoid to stop in coming flow from the pump will not be cost effective. Also you don't want to shut off the incoming flow or you risk damaging your pump. Thought about converting the HD unit to shut off the AC, but could have bought a relay and shut it off that way too. But this was nicer looking. :) It's all about looks you know. ;)

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