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WTS: 180 Acrylic saltwater Setup Salem,OR


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The Setup includes the following.


180 Gallon Acrylic SeaClear tank. I just finished Polishing outside of the tank




Hood. Just finished the hood it is designed for 400-Watt Mh lights. (No lights included) includes Fan filters (no fans)


1200 Gallon per hour Iwaki RLT70 pump.


55 Gallon SeaClear acrylic tank setup as a sump.


Pacific Coast P250 Protein skimmer. New never used in salt water. tested when testing plumbing. Rated for a 250-Gallon Tank.


400-Watt Heater.


QuietOne 6000 Pump for Closed Loop. This tank doesn't need power heads. This pump is new.


Acrylic polishing kit


Acrylic Magnetic algae Cleaner.


This tank is fully plumbed.


Recently painted. Will include Paint to touch up if needed.


Will include the Reeds we were going to insert in the doors and on the top to give it a Caribbean feel.


Looking to sell this for $1600

This is a Great DEAL don't miss it.


The Tank is in Salem, Oregon.

Email Me for Pictures. This is also listed on CraigsList In the Portland section.


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OK I have Decided to Part out the setup.


here is the deal if you want the tank you need to buy the Hood and Stand also.


I am including with the tank/stand/hood the following.

all the new bulkheads, the closed loop spa jets, the lock returns,

the acrylic magnetic algea cleaner, polishing kit, 400 watt heater.

i am asking $900 for that.


I am selling the 55 gallon SeaClear sump with bulk head, valve and 1 inch connector. for $60.

i have precut acrylic dividers that need to be glued in for $25 more.


iwaki RLT70 External Pump..$90.


1 dual 96 Watt Ballast New with endcaps $75.00


2 New 96 watt bulbs 1)10,000k and 1)actinic $30 each.


2 new 120mm AC Fans $10 each.


I may add other items soon.

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Also the Protein skimmer is now available again.

I thought i had broke it but it is now fixed and been tested and works great.


I am still willing to sell the whole package with everything if someone is interested.


If some one doesn't want the whole package the Sump and iwaki pump are on hold for a while.


I am deciding if I want to keep them or not, for my mixing tank.

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