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Shipment just in! Fish, Inverts, Coral, etc.

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It has been a while since I have had a chance to post up some specials. I figured since I have a bunch of acro colonies coming in next week, and I got a pretty nice order of fish and inverts in this week, why not get some specials going!!!



First, some invertibrates and clean up crew items:


Margarita Turbo Snails-

These guys will eat lots of algae and unlike many snials will readily consume hair algae as well! They have black shells with black bodies and are roughly 3/4"-1" in size on average.





$.59 each if you buy 1-10

$.54 each if you buy 11-24

$.49 each if you buy 25+



Mexican Turbo Snails-

I think these guys are probably the hardest working algae eaters that I have ever seen! They consume algae like it is going out of style. I had two very dirty tanks a few weeks ago and literally the night after I tossed in the Mexican turbos, the tanks were spotless!





$1.89 each if you buy 1-3

$1.79 each if you buy 4-7

$1.69 each if you buy 8+



Astrea Snails-

Probably the most popular snail in the hobby, astreas are a staple to a nice clean tank.





$.72 each if you buy 1-5

$.69 each if you buy 6-10

$.65 each if you buy 11+



Nerite Snails-

Excellent rock and glass cleaners with really cool shell patterns.





$.79 each if you buy 1-5

$.73 each if you buy 6-10

$.65 each if you buy 11+



Black Nassarius Sand Snails-

These guys are extremely active sand sifting snails. They consume leftover foods, detritus, and algaes. They will also clean your glass and rock.





$.34 each if you buy 1-10

$.31 each if you buy 11-20

$.28 each if you buy 21+



Red Leg Reef Hermits-





$.64 each if you buy 1-10

$..59 each if you buy 11-20

$.54 each if you buy 21+



Tiger Conch-

Great sand sifters and awesome critters to help keep your tank clean. These guys are very fun to watch! They have a long mouth kind of like an elephants trunk, long protruding eyes, and a foot that kicks them an inch or two in whatever direction they are traveling. They are about 1.5-2" in length. I also have two other conch varieties in this week.





$5.99 each if you buy 1

$5.49 each if you buy 2-3

$4.99 each if you buy 4+




Next up, the fish:



- Tricolor Fairy Wrasse! These are super colorful and a great peaceful addition. They can be kept in pairs or groups and with other fairys and flashers! One left @ $24.99!!!



- McCoskeri Flasher Wrasses! They are great in multiples and with other fairys and flashers. Excellent, colorful fish with a nice personality. $17.99 each!!!



- Melanarus Wrasse! These are one of my favorite in terms of both their color and personality as well as their utility in our tanks. These fish help keep many pests at bay and are almost always out and about adding nice movement and color to our tanks. One left @ $18.99!!!



- Dragon Faced Pipes! Very cool critter to add to a reef tank. Unlike many pipefish, these guys do really well in reef tanks and can handle the high flow. They slide and scoot all over the sand bed and in between the rocks in search of small microfauna. Better yet, they are eating frozen cyclopeeze, baby brine, and arctipods! $21.99 each!!!



- Tank Raised Bangaii Cardinals! Awesome, peaceful reef fish. They add a nice contrast of black and white with a cool shape as well. $14.99 each!!!





Food!!! I now stock a couple of frozen varieties as well as a couple of dry varieties.



- PE Mysis Shrimp available in 3.5oz cube packs, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz(16 and 32oz sizes brought in on special request)

This food give you alot of bang for your buck. It is packed in very little water and teh Mysis are naturally gut loaded, giving your fish and inverts the best nutrition available.


- Cyclop-eeze bars

Excellent food for pipes, mandarins, fairy and flasher wrasses, and corals! This food is also extremely nutritious and is packed with almost no water, giving you more for your money.


- Aquadine Waffers available in Spirulina and Carnivore varieties.


Excellent dry food that almost everything eats. It sinks well and has a good amount of protein. Tangs, angels, clowns, blennies, gobies, you name it, this food is great and really easy to feed.


- Oceans Nutrition and DT's products available on special request. Items available include; Oyster eggs, Live tigger pods, Arcti-pods, Roto-feast, and Phytoplankton.



Propagation Supplies! I have 6 different varieties of frag plugs, discs, and tiles available. I also carry frag gel glue.



Frag Plugs: 25pk



Large Frag Plugs: 20pk



Frag Discs: 20pk



Large Frag Discs: 15pk



Frag Rocks: 10pk

(nice, more natural alternative for those that don't like frag discs, and plugs)



Frag Tiles: 20pk



Sample Pack: 4-5pk






Below is a list of most of the critters that are in the tanks this week. I have multiples of many of the fish and usually dozens if not hundreds of each type of invertibrate available.




Hermits- Blue Leg

Hermits- Red Leg

Hermits- Zebra Leg

Hermits- Electric Blue Leg

Feather Dusters- Giant

Feather Dusters- Cocoworm, Colored

Star- Sand Sifting

Star- Brittle, banded

Star- Serpent, banded

Star- Chocolate Chip

Star- Fromia, Rainbow

Star- Linckia, Six Leg Mottled

Star- Linckia, Batik

Star- Linckia, Burgundy

Star- Linckia, Orange

Scallop- Flame

Clam- Derasa 2 3/4"

Cucumber- Pink Sand Sifting

Cucumber: Atlantic Sand Sifting

Cucumber- Tiger Tail Sand Sifting

Shrimp- Coral Banded SM

Shrimp- Coral Banded M

Shrimp- Coral Banded, Gold

Shrimp- Peppermint

Shrimp- Peppermint

Shrimp- Skunk Cleaner

Shrimp- Fire

Shrimp- Pistol, Target

Shrimp- Harlequin

Crab- Decorator Arrow Crab w/anemone

Crab- Red Mithrix

Crab- Emerald

Crab- Emerald

Crab- Sally Light Foot

Crab- Red/Orange Fiddler

Snails- Astrea

Snails- Astrea, Ninja Star

Snails- Nerite

Snails- Jumbo Cerith

Snails- Nassarius Obsellita

Snails- Nassarius, Tongan Large

Snails- Nassarius, XL Fancy Indian Ocean

Snails- Trochus, Banded

Snails- Zebra Stripe Turbo

Snails- Margarita

Snails- Bumble Bee

Snails- Mexican Turbo

Cowrie- Money

Conch- Turtle Sand

Conch- Tiger Sand

Conch- Fighting

Conch- Spider, LG

Urchin- Royal(Pin Cushion)

Urchin- Short Spine

Urchin- Long Spine





Chromis- Green

Damsel- Blue Devil

Damsel- Blue Fin

Damsel- Domino

Damsel- Yellow Fin

Pipefish- Australian Dragon Face

Angel- Bicolor

Clown- Ocellaris, Tank Raised XS

Clown- Blck & Wht Ocellaris, Tank Raised

Cardinal- Bangai

Blenny- Algae, Lawnmower SM

Blenny- Algae, Lawnmower LG

Blenny- Scooter

Hawkfish- Flame, Hawaiian

Filefish- Aiptasia Eating, Matted

Dragonet- Mandarin, Green

Goby- Firefish

Goby- Engineering

Goby- Yellow Watchman

Goby- Diamond, Sand Sifting

Rabbitfish- Foxface

Pseudochromis- Bicolor

Tang- Covict

Tang- Vlamingi

Tang- Sailfin, M

Wrasse- McCoskeri Flahser, Male

Wrasse- Tricolor Fairy, Male

Wrasse- Yellow and White Coris

Wrasse- Melanarus

Wrasse- Six Line




The system is also pretty loaded with corals. I have many different varieties of LPS, SPS, and softies available including some really nice zoa/paly frags. LE's such as Magicians, Tubbs blue, Kedd reds, Japanese deep waters are available as well as various other colorful varities. From Euphylias to Green Polyped Toadstools to ORA Birds of Paradise, there is bound to be something for everyone.

Oh and next week 20+ Maricultured SPS colonies will be coming in!




Give me a call to make an appointment to come by or send me a pm if you like! This weekend is a great time as I don't have to work and will be at the tanks much of the time.




All prices are limited to stock on hand and are good through the end of the month!




Note: All pictures are for reference only and exact specimens will very slightly. These pictures are borrowed from other sites and are the property of their respective owners.

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Man Garrett you rock!! I will be seeing you soon :)


Sounds good!!!


love those pipefish, so garrett, did you hear im having the meeting at my house in February


I am going to try and make it. Just have to make sure I don't have to work. Oh and I might just have to bring one up with me assuming I get to go and such :)


Those Wrasse's are great looking


You will get the chance to see them in person tomorrow. You should totally bring one or two home with you :) They are great in multiples and are super friendly.

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Wow! Sorry to hear that. The acros will be in late Wednesday night. I think there will be around 20 heads available give or take a few. I know there are quite a few people that are curious about them so we will see how many I have left lol. It will be good to have you back down again. How is the pom pom doing? Also, thanks for the referal ;) I just sent your friend back a PM.

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The pom pom mostly hides:( I honestly thought somebody made dinner out of him untill I saw him way in the back of the rocks one day shacking his arms at me:) Anyway I'll shoot you a pm later on next week before I head down. I'm excited to bring back several boxes this time. Too bad Patrick may not ever get his box :)

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