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Water changes, How much, how often? SPS and Corals mainly.


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Weekly, bi weekly, monthly and percentage of entire system. How many fish do you have?


Do your current schedules show vast improvement of what you did before and what was that?


I do 30 gal weekly in 185 gallons, thinking so far so good. Did very few the first 4 months and ramped up to 30 gal a week after about 6 months old. I have 3 fish and lots of clean up crew, plus 6 fairly large shrimp. I feel I feed heavy

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I have a 48 gal cube. I change 5-7 gallons a week. I then re-cycle this water into my nano tank. I change 50% of my nano bi-weekly...I have no skimmer on the nano, so the changes are needed.


In my main tank I feed the fish very lightly, 4-times a week.


I keep mainly SPS with a variety of LPS and softies...and a Crocea clam

fish specie list;

- Paracanthurus hepatus (Hippo Tang)

- Pseudocheilinus hexataenia (Six Line)

- Synchiropus ocellatus (Scooter blenny)

- Premnas biaculeatus (gold stripe maroon)


It sounds to me like your regimen is working just fine. As your system stabilizes you shouldn't have to do as many water changes...Doing it weekly or bi-monthly works best for me because it keeps me from getting lazy...

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3 fish. I do about 15gal each week on my 75gal. This allows me to keep alk/calcium/mag consistant without dosing, other than kalk in my topoff water. I then take the 15gal from the display and use it to change the water in my QT/frag tank. I feed 1-2 cubes daily.

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180g tank with 3 medium tangs, foxface, 2 swallowtail angels, 3 O. clowns, sixline, rainford goby, and 6 chromis. I feed a little heavy. My skimmer is weak. I trust algae and mangroves to do most the work.

It has been running almost 6 months and I have yet to do a water change. I'm wondering if I want to do 20% every 3 months, 6 months, or just once a year.

I have a mix of SPS, LPS, softy, and zoas that are all growing nicely.

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