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Calcium Reactor and Controller quetion


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What is the benefit of having your controller set to measure the effluent vs the water in the tank. I have Korallin calc reactor and they sell a $60 part to put the probe in the reactor. Didn't know if it was worth it. Or if I just put a separate cup in the sump and then measured there or if I just measure the tank water.



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It is worth it. You'll want to be able to measure the effluent in the reactor so the controller can immediately shut your CO2 off if your effluent PH goes below your set point.


Effluent PH too low = calcium media turning into mud


I don't see why it would cost $60 though...that seems a bit outrageous!


You could make your self an effluent chamber to set your PH probe in. Heres what I did for my first calcium reactor:


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Yes I made that and my calcium reactor. I kept my effluent at 6.8 if I remember right...its been a while since I used my reactor.


I actually shut my calcium reactor down. I had good success with it, but I didn't have the controllablablity over calcium and alkalinity that I wanted. To keep my calcium where I wanted it, it seemed to keep my alkalinity a bit too high (11 or so).


I now use 2 peristaltic pumps controlled by my AquaController to dose BRS Cal/Alk. Im able to keep my cal at 440 and alk at 8 with no problems.

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