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Hydor Koralia k3/k4 need downgrade


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I have a 25 gallon cube tank that I needed some more flow in. It has a Seio 620 in it right now and was going to add a hydor powerhead. I ended up getting a k3 and a k4. I wanted to use the k4 in the 25 gallon along with the seio and try the K3 in our 10 gallon QT tank. But tried the k4 in the 25 gallon and it about pushed the fish out of the tank. I then tried the k3 and still seems like too much flow. Couldnt make it work and keep our anemone happy. Would a k2 be alot different? The seio 620 is rated at 620GPH and the k3 is 800GPH but seem way stronger than the seio. The k2 is rated at 600gph. Should I try a k2? Im guessing the k3 would be way too strong for the 10gallon qt tank now. Would I need a k1/nano or another k2?

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