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old canister filter work for phosban/carbon?


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an old pen plax cascade 700 that im using atm for flow at the bottom of my BB, theres currently nothing in the canister, stricly being used for flow, since i had it laying around, and the return is pointing straight down at the BB.


i used it now and then for the carbon, was just wondering if i threw like a womans pantyhose filled with phosban in, if it work, or too much flow. and would it be ok to throttle the flow down from it. i thinks its like 115-120 gph or something like that. and from what ive read, it should be around 80 for phosban or similar material.


or i guess, since i have a low flow sump, would it be ok to just throw it in there somewhere?.. just trying to save some money with shipping etc etc.. i might just break down and buy a used one somewhere.

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