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darn tank neglect!


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So I havent been around for a little while, and in that time my poor tank has gone through hell. I have never seen so much hair algae ever! I just did a 25% WC and will be doing another on Tuesday. DOH! so any suggestions to help cure this stupid mistake would be grand. i have always used RO/DI water, until this summer, i had other things going on and just let myself slip and use tap water. Im back on the ball using RO/DI water. So yeah please help it has been a rough year, and i need to get back in the game.


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I would get a canister filter and throw some rowaphos or phosban in there to helpo get you on the right track


just a cheap one like a kent or a two little fishies


I like the two little fishies one better than the kent even though for all intensive purposes they are the same thing



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yeh.. my old job made me neglect my tank too.. going through kinda the same thing. keep params stable, maybe use some phosban, WC's, and stay vigilant. slowly my tank is coming around again.


if you dont have a ro/di.. i use ro/di water from winco at .89 a gallon. now, ive never done a tds reading on it, but until i started neglecting the tank, i never had phosphate or algae problems at all. bonneu water or something (it has a blue label) .. im not home, but when i get there i'll get the name.


it says on the label that its ro and di, so thats what ive been using, since it has to be better the tap.

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Well, find the root of the problem, but to help you get a jump start, as long as you don't have any real aggressive fish, go get some mollies from the lfs, Petco has them cheapest and for freshwater fish it doesn't really matter. They are about a buck a piece. I had the same problem as you, well, hair algae and caulepra algae were taking over my tank. I tried everything, and no matter what i did i couldn't get it to stop, water changes, a tang, phosphate remover. Everything. so i took one of my mollies out of our FW tank and dripped him for 4 hours to get the salinity to match. A week later, no more hair algae, and very little amount of caulepra left. She is still in there today along with a mail and not only to they keep algae growth down, about every two weeks they spawn live babies that they're tank mates love to eat.

Another option for hair algae is the lettuce nudibranch. But i have no experience with them, try a search on RC for them and you will find tons of info about experiences with them.

thats all,

good luck


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