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2 med. Violitin Lions sale or trade


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I have 2 Violitin Lion fish, 1 is about 7in. long and the other about 8in. Good color and very healthy. Both eat frozen or dried meals but will of course eat live to if that's what you want to feed them. They both seem very tame for lions also so are compatible with many tank families. Currently the are in a tank with a porupine puffer, small piccaso trigger, snowflake eel, med. size yellow tang, starfish, snails and even a 2 in. lemon damsel.

Im only selling because Im looking to change the tank around and add a few more smaller fish and don't want to chance it due to the speed that these 2 have been growing. I'd like to get $50 apiece or $90 for both. Im also open to trades/part trades for just about any other kinds of fish, coral, larger live rocks etc......

Pm me with a phone number or e-mail if you would like me to send a pic. Thanks for readin

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