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Looking for advice on a new return pump


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As the title states, I am looking for a new return pump. My current setup is a 240g tank. I am using a Dart as my return. The Dart is fed from a 2" bulkhead in my sump, the outlet is 1.5" and feeds a 1.5" manifold that in turn runs my entire system. The flow goes through the manifold, UV and then the chiller before returning to the tank. The manifold has several outlets feeding things like calcium reactor, fuge, misc. reactors, phos, carbon, ozone.


The reason I am looking for a new pump is that I recently purchased a new skimmer and intended to gravity feed it and to my surprise, I am only getting about 650gph combined out of my overflows. I know the Dart is a low pressure pump, but I did not think I had cut the flow that much. I ended up using an Ehiem 1262 to feed the skimmer which in turn raised the tank temp a couple of degrees, which in turn keeps the chiller on longer.


I would like to find an energy efficient and quiet pump that when all is said and done will push 1200-1500 gph. This would allow me to gravity feed my skimmer.


Sam has/had a Sequence Tarpon for sale. These clame to have 1440gph @ 4' of head using approx. 200 watts.


I would be interested in any thoughts and or advice.





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Yeah, I looked at those too. I am thinking a Tarpon or a Wahoo. I only need around 1200-1500gph through the sump. I have plenty of in tank circulation. Thanks for the recomendation. I have not seen a lot of people with these pumps and am looking for some feedback.


FYI the frags I picked up from you are doing great.

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