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Huge Thanks to James at envision...


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So I went to see James today about getting my skimmer cup cut down to fit my stand...Little did I know that it was not so cut and dry, the drain is glued into the bottom of the skimmer cup, so that intially proved to be a challenge but james cut up a couple of peices scrap, taped them to his cutting jig and got it cut down perfect and then he went a step further and cut down the riser tube, because he is a genis and figured out how he would do it. To boot he did not charge me!!!!!!!! However I am sending him a check for his trouble!!!!!!!!! Needless to say the skimmer cup fits perfect!!!!!!!!! So now I can have it below my stand...this was the difference between a skimmer that would skim 180 gallons (which was short enough to fit) to now 400gallons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks again James!!!!!!!

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