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Gauging interest in purchasing my 225 with OM-8-way CLS, rocklifts and sand

fly guy

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Tank, sump return plumbing and CLS only. The cls was installed 3 months ago with all new parts. Paul at OM will back any warranty issues with the OM unit.


The CLS alone on this tank cost over $1100 in parts. That is including OM-8-way, sequence barracuda, all plumbing unions and valves, bulkheads, flex pipe and omniflex nozzles.


Like said, its an Oceans Motions 8-way, powered by a sequence Barracuda. Its a very well plumbed system if i do say so myself. The flow in this tank is AWESOME and everywhere. The 8-way powers 6 ports with omniflex nozzles across the back top of the tank and the other two ports are spraybars. I went through several drums coming to the conclusion that the best drum config was 3 ports open...1 every 120 degrees. I use that same config on my 90 BB tank as well as will be using it again shortly on the tank that is taking this ones place. This makes it so your spraybars are never taking more than 1/3 of your flow at peak drum position. You also have the ability to shut off the top 6 ports every now and then to throw all of your flow through your spraybars to really blow everything out, although it does a pretty good job of doing that anyway.


It is a Envision Acrylics tank....with a center overflow box............i picked it up 5 months ago used and spent many many hours making it crystal clear again as along the edges had some urchin damage.


The tank is set up with my invisible rocklifts as well as the spraybars are designed around my everywhere flow design utilizing these OM powered spraybars and my rocklifts. I would charge $150 to make the rocklift in this tank if someone ordered it. As well there is 240 lbs of caribsea special grade aragonite which is worth over $200.


I want $1400 for the tank with everything i describe above including the sump return plumbing if you want. It is set up for a submersible mag return with a ball valve on the main flow as well as has a T with 2 more ball valves off of it to run a chiller and a canister filter off of your return. I bring the sump returns over the top down across the front left and right sides. Besides the fully adjustable omniflex nozzles there is zero piping visible in this tank with awesome flow in every part of it including under and through your reef.


IF, nobody wants the tank and cls, i will be selling just the tank, rocklifts and sand for $500. I usually dont advocate EVER reusing sand but this sand in question is not even 3 months old and is just becoming live. its immaculate and white. I only have 9" of fish in this 225 and lots of flow. Nothing has built up in it.


In that case i will just be gutting the cls and re-plumbing it into my new tank.


Either way, this wont be available until the first of the year when James gets my new tank built.


Sorry for the fricken essay here....but i would prefer to set someone up with this sweet system vs ripping it up to re-use on my new tank. Same result financially and operationally for me...but thought someone might want it and save themselves the design and plumbing aspect of the OM CLS.


The last is a video of when i shut off my return pump allowing the water to drop a little so the omniflex nozzles catch a little bit of air creating bubbles allowing some of the flow to be seen









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upgrade again?



I have 2 regrets on my last double tank build.....both of them on the 225.


1. Sand. I dont want it. Im going to do a simi9lar thing that i did with my 90 on the hdpe/rock lift thing but im going to do it out of a 2" piece of hdpe and contour and cover it with a sand/epoxy mixture so it looks like a real sandbed.


2. I want an external coast to coast overflow just like on my 90. That is one of the sweetest things. No overflow box in the tank and surface skimming across the entire length of the tank.


So not a huge upgrade...i just want a custom tank in there built like my 90.......


The cls i put in it will be the same

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does this include a stand and canopy?





it includes



om 8-way


sequence barracuda


all cls plumbing, spraybars, omniflex nozzles


my custom rocklift


2" durso and drain plumbing


sump return plumbing set up for a mag return as well as T'd off to 2 ballvalves to run a canister filter and a chiller......i dont use the canister filter very often but its nice to have it should you ever need to run carbon...the sump return plumbing comes up and over the top to both the front left a right sides and then down and across.......no visible plumbing in the tank besides the omniflex nozzles....back siphon is a non issue as the water simply falls away from the return outlets

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The flow is sick. Lifting the rock like i do and with the spraybars blowing both through and under the reef OM 8-ways cant be beat IMO. PLUS no big bulky powerheads or anyplumbing at all for that matter visible in the tank. I liked it so much i made a 8-way fit on my 90 with the external coast to coast overflow as well.

To be honest...thats the only reason im getting rid of the tank. I want an external coast ot coast overflow on the 225.



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