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PCI skimmer stopped working?


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Does anyone have any idea what I can try apart from a vinegar soak?

It worked fine on a tub of LR I have cycling, but all of a sudden there doesn't seem to be much air coming in anymore.

The airline is not plugged and the vinegar soak accomplished nothing.

It just went from skimming great to not at all over night.


I don't see any way to take it apart, either.

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If the PCI is the same as the CSS needlewheel...then it's the pump. Happened to me before, water was flowing out of the skimmer, just no bubbles in the skimmer body. Not sure why you can't access your pump, but I opened it up and cleaned the needlewheel.

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It's the old style, I think. Bought it used early this year.


And I finally had time to really look into the problem today and found that a limpet had gotten into it and it was just about large enough to cover 2/3 of the intake right where it enters the skimmer.

After some "surgery" with my daughter holding the flashlight so I could see into the intake, and me fishing around with an icepick and tweezers, I got it out and now it's back to working famously again! :)

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