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55 Gallon Salt Water Tank w/fish


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Beautiful established salt water tank with 6 tropical fish and a variety of soft corals. Here is a partial list of equipment: Reverse osmosis filtration system, Live rock, lights, chemicals, salt and all the accessories included. We need to move the tank within the week so we are offering the complete setup for the great price of $500.00 or best offer - you disassemble. Perfect for your family/business or office.

There is no stand, it's built into the wall.


Please call or email, I do not check PM's often.


Call for details - Kathleen (503) 476-5188 or kgaibler@msn.com


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OK, I have seen this tank first hand. Hopefully this will help with some of the questions you all may have.


Here are a few things about the tank that wasn't mentioned in the ad:The tank is clear, in nice shape, not many scratches.

lighting - T5 or T8...not exactly sure. 2x48" with one actinic, one daylight. Bulbs are approx 6 mo old.

The filtration system is located in rear of tank(no sump), there is not a skimmer or other filtration device.


There are about 50-70lbs of live rock. The rock is free from problem algae, BUT the rock is completely covered with aiptasia...i mean completely. There are some seriously large aiptasia...bigger than I have ever seen(6"+)! There are also some mushroom anemones that have been able to duke it out with the aiptasia. I would estimate the aiptasia population at around 750-1500.


The substrate is crushed coral with an air bubble wand.


The RO unit is a Ultra Pure, 2-stage. The filters will need to be replaced.


They would like to sell the entire system...together...no parting out. Needs to be gone by friday.

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