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the great thing about this forum is.....

mister crabs

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the fact that when i post here (unlike when i post on RC or TRT) I can be pretty confident that any questions i ask are answered by people who have encountered the same problem in thier own systems and not just repeating something they read in another forum. just wanted to say thank you to all who have given me advice and answered my questions. and a thank you to all those who will answer my many more in the future. (clap) (clap) (clap) (clap)


you guys rock! (rock2) (rock2) (rock2) (rock2) no, really! u do!

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I agree.

1. And the local connection really helps. People know the about the local fish stores you are talking about as well as about starting reef systems.


2. Wet web media is great for reading, but Bob Fenner is not going to know anything about your resources available locally.

3. In addition, I really like people's interest in promoting education

4. It is easy to find things on the forum and in searches.

5. Lastly, it has a small number of members. 300 members of a forum feels like a club not an overgrown national chatroom.

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