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January 2010 PNWMAS Meeting


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The first PNWMAS Meeting of 2010 will be at the home of Jordan "Ron Popeil"

11584 SW Graven Street

Tigard, Oregon 97224

on Sunday, January 17th at 2:00 PM.


All are welcome to set up frag trades.

Bring along some snacks to help out if you like.


Many of you that have been involved with PNWMAS over the last few years already know Jordan, and what a dedicated hobbyist he is.

He has just recently moved to Tigard.

I asked him to tell me about his current reef system. This is his response.


I like clownfish, so I have a dual tank system, running off the same sump. A 60 gallon cube houses two Heteractis magnificas and a single A. bicinctus. I'm hoping to replace it with a group of A. nigripes. the second tank is a 45 gallon cube which houses a large purple Heteractis crispa and A. chrysopterus. I lost the female when I moved. the 60 gallon is designed to be primarily an sps system, while the 45 will probably evolve into more of a soft and lps coral system geared mainly towards breeding clownfish.


The system sits on one stand and share a common sump, powered by a Reeflo Dart. An ASM G4 skimmer along with GFO provide the filtration. Two 400w halides cover both tanks, each with two T5s. The entire system is essentially maintained by an Aquacontroller III.


I lost nearly everything when I moved houses, so what once was this:


is now mostly empty. but I'm slowly adding more.




I say let's all welcome Jordan to his new home. Many of us know what it's like to move an established reef system, and have to deal with the losses that can occur in the process. If you have a nice frag or two to help him rebuild his system, let's see what we can do to help him out.

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So I may be coming to the meeting after all. It was our anniversary new years and is both me and my boyfriend's birthdays next weekend so are going to the beach with no kids this weekend...... I am planning on coming home in time to be at the meeting at the very leased a little late....(whistle)...... Looking forward to the demo(plotting).......

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