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Plumbing questions


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ok, so ive got my drain figured out, im doing my overflow identical to the one dave(nwcoralfarm) has on his zoa frag tank for those of you that have seen it, with the screen, so its both a surface skimmer and a drain, and that way snails and whatnot cant get into the pipes.


since im picking up my sump saturday, im wanting to get my plumbing parts picked up and need to know what to get lol. so any and all help will be greatly appreciated. its going to be one pipe flowing into the sump/fuge and one return. so, what kinda suggestions do you guys have?


here's the backside of the tank, with the holes drilled



ill try and get more pics posted as i pick up my sump and what not.

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I'ld start by drilling the bottom of the tank with 2 holes, one for the return and one for the down pipe, and then build yourself a hidden..........................


Oh you already drilled-never mind-LOL


Just had to do-


Roy has good advise

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