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Acropora efflorescens and a few others...


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I decided to frag my Acropora efflorescens again and broke off a colony (mini?) sized frag of it. It's 3.5 x 2 inches (most is 1 3/4 inches wide). I thought I would offer it as a whole piece first for $80 $70 and if no one wants a piece this big, then frag it. Please don't buy it and frag it. I can get you a smaller piece if you like and someone who wants a big piece can have this one...


I also have a frag that's a 1/2 inch for $10. $8 Pending



Since I'm posting, I might as well offer these too:


Sunset Montipora: 1.5 inches : $30 $25 Traded

1.0 inches: $20 $15



Pokerstar Montipora: 1.25 inches: $20 $15

1.0 inches : $15 $12 Sold

0.75 inches: $10 $8


Challice: Green with metalic Teal shimmers and Yellow eyes: 1.5 x 0.75 inches: $20 $15 Traded



Not the greatest pic I guess...




(Trades always welcome: Looking for SPS and LPS)

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OK, I've been doing some research and it may be that this Acro is Acropora solitaryensis. I've been told on this board by several that its Acropora efflorescens and I've found pics in the past that really looked like mine, but today I came across http://www.reeffarmers.com/limitedsolitaryensis.htm. It seems that they quit updating their site in 2007...

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Thanks for the trade Scott!!


Nice tank you have there


You are welcome! It was good to have you over and thank you too. I've got your ric glued on and hopefully it won't get blown off. It's maybe in a bit too much current right now but it did make it through the night.


Your edit of this post made me think I was losing my mind. Wasn't he here just yesterday? Why... is the post from the 5th? Need coffee I guess!



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