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tanks, lights, equipment, corals, live rock, and more.

Emerald Aquatic

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want it all gone. as soon as corals are sold, can break down and sell individually. corals are $5 to $10 a frag, mostly zoas and star polyps.


33 gallon acrylic coral tank with dividers. 48" x 13" x 12" $40

30 gallon acrylic refugium tank. 36" x 18" x 12" $30

400 watt pfo metal halide light with new 20k coral vue bulb(cost $70). $175

like new 36" nova extreme 78 watt t5 light. $60

2 like new stealth 250 watt heaters. $20 each

seaclone 100 protein skimmer with maxi-jet 1200 $50

mag-drive 7 pump. $25

like new k1 powerhead $15

mj 400, mj 600, mj 1200 powerheads. $10 each

live rock $3 a pound, live sand $1 a pound

macro algae, hermit crabs, snails make offer

2 coralife digital timer power strips. $15 each

75 gallon acrylic tank with overflow. 27" x 27" x 24" $175 - sale pending

wood stands, salt mix, hydrometers, thermometers, buckets, heat packs, test kits, additives, pvc, acrylic scraps, weld on, egg crate panels, and lots more. make offer.


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