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4x54w T5s


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I have a 48" 4x54w t5 light fixture that I no longer need since I upgraded to 2x250w MH. No name on the fixture, but I think its an Odyessa. Its an all in one unit with built in timer. Has the 4 t5 bulbs. Two white and two blue and each set is controlled individually. Also has moon lighting. I bought it new and have used it for 6 months. Now comes the problem with it. If it loses power, you have to take it apart and unplug and plug the built in timer to get everything to work again. Its not hard to do. Takes about 5 min. You just have to remove the bulbs, undo 4 screws and move the reflectors to get to the timer. Its easy, but it gets to be a pain after a while. We seem to lose power here alot. You might be able to bypass the time and just use the 3 switches on the back maybe? We were able to keep softies, lps, and sps near the top, and a carpet anemone at the bottom of our 72 gallon with this light. Will make a good little light for someone, if you don't lose power as often as we do. Was hoping to get $75.


This pic is rather old, but it shows the light fixture.


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