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Happy New Year Misc. Clearance Sale


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!!! Everything SOLD !!!. Thanks for your considerations


- New/unopen Reef Crystals 160 gallons salt mix $40


- 5 x 5 gallons water jug from Seahorse for $20


- Salifert chemicals and test kit

KH/Alk Carbonate Hardness/Alkalinity 100-200 tests new for $10

Flatworm eXit reef safe treat works well can treat 150 gallons for $10


- Kent Marine chemicals

Phosphate sponge 90% full (treat 120 gallons/1Qt) $5

Superbuffer dKH powder new 1kg for $10

Pro Buffer dKH liquid form new 16 oz for $5

Turbo calcium 400 g new for $8

Tech CB Part A & B new 2x16oz for $10

Tech Iodine 80% full 16 oz bottle for $5

Super chelated Iron with manganese 80% full of 8.7 oz for $3


- SeaChem chemicals

Reef complete raises calcium 250mL/8oz treats 1000 gallons new $5

Reef builder raises carbonate alkalinity 2.6lbs new $15


- Blue life phosphate control 50% full .5 oz for $10

- Chemiclean red slime remover (cyano bacteria) new $8


- Ocean nutrition Nano Reef Coral Food new 0.35oz for $5

- API Stress Coat+ new 20 oz for $5


- Red Sea test kits package $15

Calcium Pro 25 tests new + pH - Alkalinity 90%full + Phosphate 75% full


Willing to negotiate, the more you buy the more you will save.


Email me with your offer and I'll reply. Thanks

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