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still need a 40g breeder

Mr S

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What are you going to do with the leaky one? and what are the dimensions of a 40b? I know I'm a long ways away but I think if I can get a 48g corner with 45's to seal up good I may be able to get this one too. Do you think it is the the frame around the glass causing it to shift maybe instead of just a seal in the silicone?

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Snowpunk, I am so frustrated about the tank. Thought I had the leak fixed, filled it with water and now it leaks even worse. I think it is the bottom framing. And of course, since it was a new tank given to me I put all the bulkheads in it ahead of time and got it all hard plumbed so I am also out some cash. YIKES!

Ryan, I will go see Roger

Steelhead I will pm coralreefaquarist.


Thanks guys.

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