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Ideas for New Fish


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We received a gift certificate from the holidays and we are thinking of adding 2 new fish or a clam and a fish. But we would like some ideas for fish. We were thinking of adding one new fish to each of our 2 tanks. Must be reef safe and prefer not too aggressive. Was thinking of maybe adding a jawfish, but not set on one yet.


Tank 1 is a 72 gallon with:

120+ lbs of LR

3" of sand



porcelain crab

carpet anemone

soft/lps/sps corals

1 coral beauty

2 Chrommies

2 small false percs

1 Jewel Blenny

1 skunk cleaner shrimp


Tank 2 is a 25 gallon cube with:

30+ lbs of Live rock

2" of sand



softies and sps

Long tent anemone


2 skunk clownfish

1 tail spot blenny

1 fire shrimp

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I'd say some sort of smaller tang and maybe a watchman goby/pistol pair in the first tank. If no watchman then maybe a Midas blenny. Anthias can be nice and colorful if you want to add some color. You can get them in multiples too. What about a Melinarus wrasse in the 72? They will be a great active and colorful addition and also help to take care of any future pests that may ever pop up, like nudi's or bristleworms...

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Oh man. I have a cleaner shrimp in tank 1. I put it as a cleaner fish. And tank 2 has a cleaner shrimp too I guess. The fire shrimp has taken to cleaning the skunk clowns. I think we're leaning towards a midas blenny in tank one and a yellow head jawfish for tank 2. Im a little weary of tangs and I dont really know why. I like them alot. Maybe its because I think they are more prone to getting ick from what Ive heard.

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As for tangs and ich I have had a blue tang, tomini tang and a kole and have no problems what so ever. But as for a tang I think every tank needs one no matter what the size. I bought my blue hippo at a inch and it grew to 3 1/2 before I got rid of it. Sweet fish and even had people tell me it was the best looking hippo they had ever seen.

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