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Reeflux users?


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i have really no idea what that site showed. lol.. only thing i could really understand was when they talked about the 250w mogul 10k. which they say should be whiter then most 10k's out there.


at 65 bucks a pop, i dont find that too cheap :p i could get my hammy 14k's for like 45 :p but i guess the xm's and the like run more then that .. and these were 2 10k's for 53 shipped :D so i thought i might as well try em out, since im not impressed by this 14k. growth is bad, par is bad.. just blech. and it needed replacing anyways.


so i guess we'll see, i'll be the guinea pig for us (laugh) (rock2)

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well..got the bulbs in.. and to my dismay, they look nothing like pics that ive seen of them, with a crisp white color. might be my ballast.. just a regular PFO ballast. but definately on the yellow side, even with my atinics on.


ill try to post some pics, gotta get a battery for my camera. i might let it burn in for a bit, but most likely they will be going up for sale, or trade.

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