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Ryan at Advanced Aquarium.


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Just wanted to thank Ryan for the awesome frag. Its cool when an LFS has something rare in his show tank, and is willing to bust you off a frag, even though he only has 5 inches of it, and can't seem to keep it in his tank long enough to grow out. Now I can't tell you guys exactly what kind of frag it was, cuz then he'd NEVER be able to keep it. I have seen frags of this coral go for 40 to 50 bucks, and its nice to have an LFS, (well not so LocalFS to me :D ) that has pieces like this that will give you 2 inch frags for 10 dollars. Thanks again Ryan. Maybe next time I'm over, i'll have a little extra cash and I'll be able to get some of the beautiful Echinopora that Joel had. Nice Pink one, and the alien eye... OMG



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