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RO/DI replacement


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ok if you want a good ro di unit do not go with the one on ebay it has a no name membrane and filters are mostly 5 micron meaning crap and the di is horiz not vert vert will have the best results. if you need replacement go to coral reef jason had good filters and can help you but not break your wallet like upscales will and better product as well. if you want a new unit jason has specpure which are the best if you want a good one but will need better filters depeneding on your water fo with purelyh2o.com i have the vision auto unit it works great and great customer service. my water need me to change the filters for to .5 micro to make my water before it goes to di to 0 tds so my water is perfect. i would recommend airwaterice but you have to buy alot more to get what you get with the purelyh2o and no experience with buckeye.

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