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Don't know if people have clued into Animal Planet's, Blue Planet: Seas of Life program on Wednesday nights. It's all about the ocean and its amazing life. Tonights episode (still can catch 45 minutes if you read this around midnight tonight), focused a lot on Coral Life and some things touched on in our forums lately. Also, fish and inverts we have and see in other people's tanks and shops. They even showed a time lapsed video of one of mesenterial filaments from a coral eating another (like Twitterbait's issue in Classifieds) and how there are "plants" in coral...algae. They also showed the agressivness of a few Powder Blue tangs pushing out a huge swarm of convict tangs, pretty cool.

It would be nice to keep a "sticky" posting in our forumn of upcoming reef and marine life shows to share with everyone so we can tune in. Post as you see them and if reruns are coming up. Just a thought.

Coral Life episode is rerunning Thursday at 11am and Sat. 4th @ 10am. Set your Tivo's/DVR.

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There is another show on tomorrow on discovery HD (clap) called Reef of Riches. I think its at 7 or 8pm. I've got my DVR set to record it.

Thanks, just set the DVR.

It's actually tonight: Equator: Reef of Riches- (Thurs) at 6pm, 9pm and again @ 1am on Friday according to my Comcast DVR onscreen guide.

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That was rather cool, did you watch the show this week on Mantis rays, 20 feet across and riding them like a horse in the water? It's amazing from what they said, the rays would let only certain divers ride them. They switched scuba gear and that didn't fool the rays one bit. When they put foil in their mask to cover their eyes, only then could they not tell who was who. Theys say rays make close eye to eye contact when first greeted...pretty strange, ey?

I suppose if Lowman forgets the DVD, I could stop by his place afterwards and take the back roads home.

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Regular TV is just too blury (nutty)

Especially on a wide screen.


OK, Blue Realm "Giant Manta Rays" repeats Monday on Discovery HD Theater from 12-1pm.


Lowman, hope you paid the extra $5/month for the DVR version, it's worth it! If so, quickly figure out how to setup "record a series" option. Be sure to setup for "1st run AND repeats" option until you're sure you've seen them all. This way for me, Blue Realm on Discovery HD and Blue Planet on Animal Planet always record. If you'll run out of room for recordings, which will likely happen on occasion, you can always tell the box to cancel a specific future recording if you've already watched it.


Big FYI if you're getting COMCAST. There is an issue with the new firmware in some HDTV DRV boxes when connecting to a DVI/HDMI plug on certain TV's (like mine and quite a few others...I ended up doing the troubleshooting/diagnosis for the tech to get the firmware fixed which has not happened yet:). The reason I mention this, is the guy wanted to just hook up the Component, 3 colored cables and be gone...in my case, I use those for other devices and need that 4th option(DVI)....If your TV has the same problem and has a dedicated HDMI/DVI plug and you have nothing else to use in it, have him leave the DVI cable behind to use when firmware issue is resolved. (they can cost up to $50 or more). If you upgrade to another component like the $3000 PS3 on Ebay, you may need that extra slot:) (symptom:turn off TV with DVR still on, turn TV back on, no picture...fix by turning off DVR/back on, resync's....problem being, I always use DVR to record anything I watch and start viewing when I think my waiting period=commercial skip time has elapsed. I don't leave my TV on all the time for obvious reasons.


I'll never go back to not having HD nor DVR! I can watch a football games in less than an hour and my NASCAR races in less than 2 without commercials. Plus, we can catch the latenight shows the next evening while doing the dinner dishes.

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I did get the dvr too

Good. If it works great. Just make sure to turn the box off/on a few times and the TV before he leaves. We changed a setting to make it work for the DVI, but once the box was powered off and on, it reset itself.

I wonder if they'll make DVRs that work for spouses...you know, when you just want to deal with them later and skip through the BS.... :)

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(HDTV) Saturday, Nov 25 at 8:00 AM, over air digital 10.1? and Comcast HDTV 710 (I didn't see any analog broadcasts.....welcome to the future people)

Window To The Sea

This special features stories from four of America's leading aquariums. The program introduces viewers to many of the dedicated and fascinating people who work behind the scenes at aquariums.

All episode repeats too many to list, here's OPB's listing.


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New news to me; Cousteau is back! Well, in some ways, but I'll never forget watching those old grainy episodes with the Disney narrator. I wasn't aware of this shows' existance until now. Next episode isn't until Jan, but I can wait.

Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures

Show times and listings:


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