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Project - Look like a meth house is completed!


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I am not cooking drugs but is sure does look like it. lol.


I encased one entire stall of my garage in a greenhouse so my tanks will stay warm. When the garage gets cold I can have 1000+ watts of heat going in the sump and the temp will still drop too low. Making the little greenhouse keeps the ambient air warm enough for 400w of heaters to keep 500+ gallons of water right at 78 degrees.


The glowing greenhouse in your garage does get a few strange looks.


Here is a view from the outside.







Inside shots






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Are the black helicopters keeping you awake at night yet?


That is some serious dedication!

You know, that makes me wonder now; about a month or 2 ago, 3 different helicoptors were flying around a lot out here in Damascus from view of my back windows. I thought they were checking out a parcel of land to buy, but now come to think of it, they were flying in the vacinity above Izzypop's new home....around the time he moved from my blocks to a short hop away.(wasnt me)

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You laugh Ron but I have seen copters around my shop. It has at least 4 skylights and at night they glow. From the air it must look sweet. Plus the shop has its own power and I'm sure PGE has reported the power increase since they are by law supposed too. (so i've heard). I also have a green house next to my shop and a completely covered yard in a back corner that looks way suspicious.


ringwurm how well does that keep it warm? I need to do something like your setup. Is that just pvc and painters plastic? Very nice and looks like you have the plague in there or just a bubble boy.

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Great, now that my electric bill has skyrocketed and I've been to your house around this time, my house is next to be raided :) (I knew they were searching for something)

I've got some 16 foot 1x3 lightweight wood you may want to use to build something like that. (won't flex like plastic and can go a longer distance) I was going to use it from one end of my garage to the other for a Halloween plastic wall, but I needed a break from it this year....the kids are already hating me for not doing up my haunted garage after 4 years of it. Maybe we can trade for some frags. PM me if you want it.

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The top and two sides are 4 mil plastic while the long side is doubled up 1 mil. Humidity is running about 90%.


I did pick up a Vornado VH2 Vortex Heater for those extra cold days this winter. The Vornado heater doesn't get red hot like the other heaters and has a built-in thermostat.


My daughter loves the new greenhouse. Whenever we go out to the garage she runs in and giggles at me until I pop my head through the door.

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