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Whammin Watermelon Zoa's for sale


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Sweet I was thinking that I wanted more zoos. I really want to get my hands on some dark blue zoos. I think people call them tubs/true blues. I have a very big wish list (a few have been marked off thanks to you) so most everything that you post I like to get a little. The watermelons I already have though.

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hmm...I might have some pink one's available. I will post some pic's of those


R3 and Bitricker I will get your frags ready. They should do fine under T5's....I have some growing where they get no light at all.


Quick note, I do have a frag of about 100 or more for $40

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Hey Eric when are you going to meet up with Garrett???


not sure. I have some Candy Canes for him so just waiting to touch base and work out a meet.


I'm pretty close by and don't have much going on today so shoot me a PM if you get a chance. I would probably be interested in any other small stuff that would do well under the T5's as well. Let me know...


I will shoot you my number now but I imagine it is too late for you tonight. I am also home tomorrow but will be sleeping at some point to prepar for work.


I'd take some pink ones when you get around to it!


I will get pic tomorrow....MH turned off half hour ago. I do havce some pink panthers though as well

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