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Lumenmax & Lumenarc Q's!!


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So on my new 90 I decided that wanna go with 1 400w MH bulb (XM 20k). I should be able to do this using a "lumenarc" style reflector. My question is does anyone have expirience with these? I know Upscales has them in there setup over there acros and they work really well. I was wondering if I should get one that is enclosed like this.




Or One of the bare ones like this.




I know the one that is not encased is a lot bigger. I looked at one at Upscales that was in between the two. Has anyone done research on these? Thanks in advance. Later Ryan

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i run a pair of lumenarc reflectors, and i really enjoy them. the one thing i should have done initially (and will do eventually) is get a glass plate to protect the reflectors from water splashing. i have a handful of water spots on my reflectors, and i dont like it, i assume eventually it will hinder the ability of the reflector.


so either get the enclosed one, or try to enclose it yourself (the lumenarcs have a slot to slide in a glass plate).

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