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I have a feeling the news organizations are going to have a field day with this one :D It's still 2 years away and it's talked about almost everyday. Today I heard that Nasa has scientists posted just to respond to e-mails from people convinced the world is coming to an end in 2 years, they're trying to tell people that there is NO scientific evidence that anything is going to happe. People are even accusing the government of cover-ups. They were saying they were shocked that so many people really believe it's all coming to an end (end of the Mayan calendar for anyone not in the know) The scarey thing is the more it's talked about the more some folks will start to wonder.


I remember back in 2000....I had a neighbor stock gas and food and supplies like he was going to be living in a fallout shelter for the next 30 years.


There are a lot of fearful folks, I just hope the "press" doesn't prey on their vulnerability (sad)


...and I also hope that parents make sure they tell their kids that nothing is going to happen...sometimes kids overhear things and take stuff to heart.


and on a side note...I'm off to see the movie next week...looks good (whistle)(clap):D

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That's a good way of putting it racefan :D I watched a good show on the Mayans the other day and how after each of the "rollovers" in the past they believe they've come back in different forms...like Mud people etc. Only of course this time it ends and doesn't rollover.


Did anyone go to opening night of the 2012 movie last night? The special effects look awesome. We try to make sure we have a family movie night at least once a month...go out for dinner off to a movie and then to Sonic for drinks after :D so 2012 is this weeks choice....sure hope it's better than "The Collector"...I think I spent half of that one with my fingers in my ears and my eyes closed hahahaha. That's the downside of letting the kid pick the movie lol.

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I remember watching a couple shows about this on the history channel when I was like 8 to 10 or something. That date has stuck in my head ever since. It's funny to think about what I saw then and how gradually it has changed to what they are saying now. You just can't ever tell anything anymore...


So you think it's all over on Dec. 21st 2012? Is that with leap years included? did you account for any possible differences in calendars? Some groups have even gone as far in the old shows I saw, as to say it was to happen sometime in the evening. That electrical items will malfunction and could do unexplainable things. That we will finally be able to understand animals and they will turn on us and tell us all the wrong things we have done while we have ran the earth. Some groups think that the crystal skulls are key to saving us. The skulls themselves are now widely believed to be a hoax. There is even signs from the internet they are saying now. A program that was originally built to help the FBI find "things of interest" on the web by searching for commonly used words has been finding that specific date everywhere. DUH, because everyone is talking about it. So what does that actually prove. Of course now, as we get closer to the date, they are focusing on more what you would call the facts from the past as opposed to the prophets descriptions...


I am of the crowd that neither believes fully nor discards it completely because I simply don't have a clue(I'm not a prophet believe it or not). I think their are a lot of thing that have lined up that people should at least be aware of. I have watched the shows first off because I like to learn about things. I am hooked on the history channel! I view it as information only. It's always good to have a little knowledge in your head. Although they air it now as if to put fear in your head, I think it should definitely be watched as it is very interesting to see what they have as the facts.


Bottom line is: This earth has been a ticking time bomb since long before we were ever even a thought on it. Their are 10 trillion things that could easily stop this whole planet from existing at any moment. I think it will definitely be something unforeseen that will end everything when it does eventually happen. We have such vast technology now that some things that could have ended things for people in the old days, we can help to fix and survive through now.



Life is too short and too precious to waste. Everybody's life will end at the end. Our job is to make the most of each and every day we have until that end. ~me:)

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