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WTT-Dendro (maybe) 4 heads 20+ babies


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I can frag half of my rainbow echinata if you're interested :)



I have a rainbow which I had to move to a 20 gallon, did not realize it had an attitude problem


I would be more interested in rock encrusting corals-


Brad' date=' I have the ORA Ice tort and Joe The Coral.[/quote']


Thanks Bob, but I need to pass-nice stuff for someone though!

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Hey Guys, I am going to close this until I can define what I am after.


I am interested in any Tyree, LE chalice which may mean I even pay some money, or rock encrusting types;


This is what is in my tank-you got something that's not on the list please shoot me a PM;



Blueberry Alien Eye Chalice

True Emerald Mummy Eye Chalice

Pink Watermelon Chalice

Hollywood Stunner Chalice

Holy Chalice-

USO Chalice-

Mystery Inc Chalice-

Area 51 Chalice-

Pumpkin Bomber Chalice-

Bubble Gum Chalice



ORA Corals

ORA Birds of Paradise- Seriatopora

ORA Tri Color-Valida

ORA Green Pocillopora

ORA Green Polyp Birds Nest -Seriatopora Guttatus

ORA California tort

ORA Green Tort

ORA Oregon Tort

ORA lovelii

ORA purple tipped tenius

ORA purple tipped valida

ORA Red Planet


Tyree-LE Corals

Tyree Pink Lemonade

Tyree Rainbow Monti

Tyree Purple Monster

Tyree Ponape Birdnest

Tyree Royal Plum Acro

Tyree Aqua Green Staghorn

Tyree Sunset Monti



Elkhorn Montipora

Blue staghorn

Green Pocillopora Damicornis

Green Pavona

Orange Pavona

Purple Tipped Acropora Florida

Atlantis Aquarium chronic hairy acropora

Atlantis Aquarium purple tipped plating Acropora

purple polyped montipora danae

green polyped tricolor Acropora

pink tipped tabling Acropora

green polyped Montipora Danae

Metallic Red Millipora

Rainbow Montipora

Appleberry Montipora

Sunset Montipora

Reverse Sunset Montipora

Superman Montipora

Kiwi Montipora

Blueberry Cheesecake Montipora

Purple Haze Montipora

Idaho Grape Montipora

Green Spongodes Montipora

Red Montipora Digitata

Montipora Setosa

Orange Montipora Plate Coral

Green with Purple Rim Montipora Plate Coral

Acropora Loripes

Cyphastrea Decadia

Acropora Lokani


Purple polyped Birdsnest



Torch Coral

Hammer Coral

Frogspawn Coral

Purple Favia

Duncan Coral

Devils Finger

Rainnbow Enchinata

Acans- Acanthastrea Lordhowensis


Goniopora - Flowerpot Coral

Trumpet Coral-Caulastrea Furcata



Mixed zoos

Fire and Ice Zoo

Armor of God Palys

Red People Eater

Blue Clove

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